Insurance Accepted/ Services


Services Provided:

ï Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

ï Surgical Debridement 

ï Varicose Veins/Venous Ulcers 

ï Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

ï Abscess Incision and Drainage

ï Toenail Removal

ï Negative Pressure Therapy

ï Traumatic Laceration Repair

ï Biopsy/excision of Skin Lesions 

ï Chronic Lymphedema

ï Burn Wounds in all stages of healing

ï Post-op patients with wound dehiscence and/or infection

ï Treatment of Arterial Ulcers

ï Soft Tissue Rearrangements

ï Skin Grafting and Allografts for wound closure

Insurances Accepted:

HMO, PPO, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Central Community Health Medicare, AlphaCare IPA, Memorial Care, Providence Medical Group,  Riverside Medical Clinic, Lasalle MedicalGroup, Vantage Medical Group, Regal Medical Group, Healthcare Partners, DaVita Medical Group, SCAN, Cal-Optima, Lakeside Medical Group, Empire Physicians IPA, Alignment, SCAN, Choice, AARP, PrimeCare- Coming Soon...and more!

Service Locations

Service Locations:

ï  Telemedicine  Available 24 hr/day

ï  Corona Clinic-2815 S. Main St #110 Corona, CA

ï  Riverside Clinic-9041 Magnolia St. Riverside, CA

ï  Home Visits Available

ï  Skilled Nursing Facilities: San Bernardino County, Riverside County

San Diego County

Non- Insured Patients

We offer a flat rate consultation for non-insured patients, with reasonable fees for required treatment services.

Types of Wounds

Types of Wounds:

ï Chronic Non-Healing Wounds

ï Pressure Ulcers

ï Post-Surgical Wounds

ï Vascular Ulcers and Lesions

ï Diabetic Foot Ulcers

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Contact Us:

Main Line: (951) 493-1900

Direct Line: (951) 268-8117

Fax: (951) 493-1919